Non-Sanctioned Meet - Open to everyone.

Weigh-in: Friday 9 am-11am, Friday 5pm-7pm. This is when we will ask for opening attempts. If someone cannot attend Friday weigh ins, please contact us, and we will arrange to have you weigh in early Saturday.

Required Attire: We do not require a competition singlet; Wear something form fitting that allows us to assess the position of your hip crease at the bottom of your squat. If you are unsure if what you plan on wearing to lift is appropriate, please bring it to weigh ins.

Start time: Lifting will start at 9AM. A rules meeting will be held at 8AM. Warmups will begin at 8:15-8:30AM. Flight “A” will go first, and therefore, individuals in that flight should be given priority with equipment for warmups.

Each flight will get 3 attempts at their squat and then we will progress to bench, where each flight will complete 3 attempts, before moving on to deadlift. So each lifter from flight A will take 3 squat attempts, and then flight B will begin their squat attempts, followed by flight C. After each flight has completed squatting, the event will progress to bench, followed by deadlift. Lifters and their families should plan on being around most of the day. Breaks are encouraged between flights, but make sure you are back in time to warm up for the next event.

Weight Classes:
Mens' Weight Classes: 52.0 kg. 56.0 kg. 60.0 kg. 67.5 kg. 75.0 kg. 82.5 kg. 90.0 kg. 100.0 kg. 110.0 kg. 125.0 kg. 140.0 kg. 140.1+kg
Womens' Weight Classes: 44.0 kg. 48.0 kg. 52.0 kg. 56.0 kg. 60.0 kg. 67.5 kg. 75.0 kg. 82.5 kg. 90.0 kg. 90+kg
Age Categories: Junior (under 17), Open, Masters (over 50)
Competition Categories: Full Power, Push/Pull (Bench/Deadlift), Deadlift only

$100 Best Male and Female Lifter
$50 2nd Best Male and Female Lifter

Please contact Dani or David LaMartina with any questions

Date: August 15, 2020
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Location: Main Location
4487 Bents Dr. Ste A
Windsor, Colorado 80550 US
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Spaces Left: 19 Capacity: 45
Event Price: $45.00
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